On-Line Media

The largest and most pervasive, influential and egregious forces of evil against patriotic Americans is the media. For this discussion because their pretty much joined at the hip we will lump the broadcast, print and social media together many of them being co-owned.

As pointed out on our frontpage our intention is not to waste time on the whys but rather focus on the hows to change the things we can change. First and foremost it is more than probable that of all the forces allied against us the media will probably be the quickest to detect and understand what is going on but probably the last to change their evil, evil ways.

Balanced against that, is it doesn’t cost us a thing for a prolonged boycott against any of the media and what’s also great for us is in the case of the electronic and social media you can use their services at little or no cost and if you don’t click on their ads they get no income. So how long can anyone last without deriving some income until they cry uncle or go out of business.

But the above is not only a great advantage but couple with our two other advantages, we can’t lose but they sure can.

The first of these are, while we will add all the products that a company advertise on these outlets to our “Do Not Buy These Products No Time, No Where” list, a place they will soon learn that they don’t want to be and for the investors, you can let’s say de-invest in any company that refuses to change their wicked, wicked ways. Which might be a very wise decision.

Not forgetting the print media, which could be even a faster turn around is just don’t buy the product. Don’t buy the books, magazines and newspapers that are loaded with left-wing, anti-American and socialist propaganda, bias and slant but do support the patriotic and conservative media in every way possible.


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