Big Tech are covering up voter fraud

The real reason media and Big Tech are covering up voter fraud with such ferocity

This isn’t a bombshell, at least it won’t be to many. But I’m seeing plenty of people out there who aren’t aware, so it’s worthwhile to broadcast the truth. Mainstream media and Big Tech were IN ON THE FIX.

This shouldn’t be too shocking. It’s actually pretty obvious once you look at it from the right angle. But in talking to several people who are, admittedly, much smarter than me, I’ve realized there are still plenty of people out there who do not realize mainstream media and Big Tech were not just observers cheering on Joe Biden on election day and after. They were and are active participants in the coup attempt. In fact, their roles were crucial in this act of desperation from the left.

At this point, some will ask for proof. I don’t have a smoking gun. It’s all circumstantial. But even circumstantial evidence when put together to form a picture makes it challenging to miss the truth. We, as freedom-loving Americans, want to believe in a truthful and somewhat unbiased press. We’re also well aware that we don’t have that. But what happened leading up to the election, on election night itself, and in the days that have followed demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that they are not just useful idiots. Some in mainstream media and all in the upper echelons of Big Tech were fully aware of the plan and were taking orders as it was happening.

The clearest example from election night was the inconsistency between Virginia and Florida. Virginia was called early and Florida was called way late. Most have assumed this was just wishful thinking in both instances from a mainstream media industrial complex that was rooting for Joe Biden. I wish it were as petty as that. No, they were acting on orders, whether from the DNC or a higher force. They were told to go ahead and call Virginia because “the fix” had already been launched there. It was going blue no matter what, even as President Trump surged.

Florida, on the other hand, was a state they desperately wanted. They knew their cheating was already substantial but as reports from the ground came in they realized it wouldn’t be enough. They instructed their mainstream media lackeys to hold off on calling the state while the assessed the situation and determined if they could cheat all the way to victory. When it became clear the vote margin was too lopsided, they relented and released their media puppets to call the state.

I detailed the rest of what happened with subsequent states in a separate article.

Let’s jump forward to when Big Tech and mainstream media were given different orders. Their goal was to stifle any and all talks of voter fraud because there was just so much of it, they didn’t want the people to start questioning the results. They declared Joe Biden the president-elect and started pretending like the story was over even though there have been literally hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits filed already. Those old enough to recall the 2000 election know there was no such push by the media at that time. Other than a handful who called the election early before retracting, the majority in mainstream media waited over a month before declaring a winner. And that was with ONE state in question. This year, we have at least five with viable paths to flipping and a few others that are on the brink of being viable.

We, at NOQ Report, have experienced our highest level of censorship on Facebook and Twitter that we’ve ever had. Keep in mind, we regularly posted about Eric Ciaramella, the alleged Ukraine whistleblower, but only had a couple of stories censored. We were censored when we accurately noted that the Australian bush fires last year were partially a result of over 200 known arson arrests. We were censored a couple of times over hydroxychloroquine stories and once over a critique from a medical professional over face masks. During the lead-up to the election, we were censored four times.

Since the election, we’ve had nine articles and a dozen Tweets censored. They really, really, REALLY do not want anyone talking about voter fraud or casting a spotlight on this attempted coup.

Their goal is to push us into acceptance. Joe Biden is already their president and they will not accept any attempts to change that. Why? Are they just adamant supporters? No. They really don’t care that much. But something is compelling executives, producers, and some personalities at mainstream media outlets to suppress the truth. Yes, even Fox News is compromised. Perhaps they always were.

Some may believe this is just a case of everyone in media accepting the same narrative. That’s impossible. They aren’t accepting anything. They pushing it. And considering the depth of evidence mounting about voter fraud, one would think that an honest mainstream media industrial complex would jump on the opportunity to report it. If the situation were reversed and it seemed Republicans were perpetrating the theft of voters, mainstream media would be talking about it non-stop. But since it’s Democrats, they are quashing all discussions about it. The same goes for Big Tech.

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter, I guarantee this story will be “fact-checked” despite it being an opinion piece in which I acknowledged there was nothing but theories and circumstantial evidence backing my perspectives. They will call it “misleading” or whatever. At this point, I don’t care. I’d rather tell the truth and take the hit on traffic than lie for the sake of added exposure and pageviews.

We have to continue to shine a spotlight on “The Hammer” and “Scorecard.”

‘Hammer’ and ‘Scorecard’: Lt. Gen. McInerney explains the election hack by Democrats

We have to continue to alert the people about the censorship in Big Tech and the need to transition to a new social media home.

Most importantly, we need to continue to spread the truth about this attempted coup, and we cannot do so with vanilla sentiment or milquetoast words. The truth is ugly and we need people to know just how ugly it is. But here’s the conundrum. If mainstream media and Big Tech are stifling the truth, what’s our recourse?

What we can (and should) do about it

  • Support independent news outlets. I know that’s pretty darn self-serving considering this post is found on an independent news site, but I’d be saying the exact same thing if I was running a little blog on Tumblr. There are tons of alternatives that not only report the news and offer honest opinions, but that will greatly appreciate your readership a heck of a lot more than the media juggernauts would. I know I do.
  • Stop watching Fox News. Seriously, just stop. If you MUST watch Tucker Carlson or any of the opinion show hosts who haven’t sold out to the Chinese Communist Party or George Soros, so be it. But definitely do not get your news from them. Try One America News, Newsmax, The Blaze, Sky News, or your favorite neutral or right-leaning outlet.
  • Prepare to leave Twitter and possibly Facebook. Many of you have already left. Parler seems to be the most viable option at this point. Like many, I’m currently keeping one foot in Twitter and one foot in Parler. As Parler grows or if the President starts an active account there, I’ll leave Twitter forever. I’ve never really been much of a Facebook guy.
  • Continue to boldly spread the truth. There may come a day in the not-so-distant future (some say it’s already here) where the thought-police will literally stifle us (or worse) for expressing our views. Think of what’s happening now as practice. It’s preparation for a dystopian future to come while also acting as a way of fighting against it.

They knew about the fix. They helped to make it happen. Now, it’s time for patriots to treat mainstream media and Big Tech as agents of the adversary. It’s okay to treat them as the enemy. They already view us as theirs.

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