Have you gotten your marching orders from local government and Media???… Here is my life experience story of how the Media compares to my life in the USSR vs America.

Things the Elite do to make us “Mushrooms”, (we must be kept in the dark and fed Sh*t).

I grew up in the USSR. Every day listening to the drum beat of how evil America is, and how lucky I am to live in the greatest and only super power in the world, The Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republic. The news was full of stories of how bad the Capitalist world was. They showed riots in the streets, acid rain, polluted water, hungry people out of work, all from American News programs. When I attended High school I had to take a mandatory military preparedness class. We were told that one day the USA would attack us, to take our resources. I learned to shoot pistols and an AK 47, field dress wounds. Drive military vehicles. We were taught that we lived a rich and abundant life. The workers paradise. I learned as a young adult the lie about the drum beat about how great Socialism was! Everyone knew it was a total lie. We knew it because we all spent most of our days in one form of line or another. Always looking for which store would have goods or services that would sustain us. The food was getting scarcer and the lines longer. The trust in our neighbor was razor thin. We were paid in propaganda and slogans. Our Government did not care about people, it cared about maintaining Power and Control and since the government was responsible for our daily needs. We lacked every basic need.

My father used to read Pravda newspaper laughing at the cartoon caricature of Uncle Sam, who was always being defeated by the great Bear, USSR. Then we would tear up the newspaper and use it for toilet paper. Another unnecessary item was toilet paper. We were fed lies to keep us from starting another revolution. The Communist Party Members were the ones that lived the good life and everyone else scrambled for food. I have lived in America now for 25 years. Lately I can “NOT” see any difference between Pravda and the TASS news agencies verses the NY Times, Washington Post or any American News station on TV. I can not tell the difference between the Democrat Party and The Communist Party. They are the Same Elite Class, trying to tell everyone else how to live. They do not have to live by the same rules as the rest of the people they rule over. These Elite, hate America as much as any Socialist ever did.

My salvation came when I married my husband and we moved to America. The real “Greatest Nation in the World” and the last Great Hope for the World. Capitalism is not what we were taught in the Soviet Union. It allows people to work hard and save and earn a living. I could choose my own way in life and I could get anything I wanted or needed as long as I was willing to earn it.

There is plenty of everything we need on every store shelf. The Socialist way was not the same. I could not earn anything more than the State wanted to give me, unless I worked in the Black Market. Funny how the Capitalist way of life found a way into the USSR, despite the government’s effort to outlaw it. The Black Market was the only way to get anything.

My first night in America in Mesa, AZ. My husband took me to the store to buy bread. I was shocked at how big the store was and how many choices there were. I could not pick which bread because there were too many choices. Now that I have been in America for 25 years I am shocked at how stupid the news is on my TV. They sound like the Soviet News. Bad news for America, Global Warming, bad economy, president is a dictator. I have eyes! I have ears. I know how blessed I am to live in this great country. Why is everyone on the Left so unhappy? The economy is great. I have gotten more money these last three years than ever before. Prosperity is everywhere yet they see doom and gloom. Please people stop this craziness about Socialism!!! It is pure evil and leads to breadlines. Be happy you live in America and stop complaining. I kiss my husband every day because he saved me from that Hell.

So turn off the Fake News and support our President (DJT). Contribute to society by working hard and we will All prosper and be happy. It is my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself, but don’t let Government be your new ruler. Stand up for your hard fought Liberties and Govern as We the People!

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real ! Do your research and don’t just believe something because the news is trying to sell it! Don’t be afraid and look for Government to help you. They want to enslave you. Thank God each day you are blessed to live in America!


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