The Border Is Out of Control

The Border Is Spiraling Out of Control

Julio Rosas
Posted: May 06, 2021

All of this to say that the crisis at the southern border is still ongoing. Of course, Joe Biden and Democrats say the crisis is essentially “over.”

It is not. But we need your support to fund our real journalism on it.

It’s because the crisis is not over that I am heading back down to the border to bring you the on-the-ground coverage you deserve. As you can imagine, a lot of resources are needed to be able to travel to the edge of the United States. The costs are significant. But Townhall will continue to do so because the Biden administration and the Democratic Party want to trick the American people into believing the situation at the border is now “under control.”

Since the start of the crisis, Townhall has reported from California, Arizona, and Texas, showing the disastrous results of Biden halting border wall construction and eliminating President Trump’s successful border policies. We’ve reported on the jaw-dropping number of people crossing into the U.S. each night, and the negative ecological effects of human smuggling. This is not over, and it likely will continue for the next three years. That’s why we need your support to continue shining a light on the crisis at our southern border.

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