How to Hit Woke America Where It Hurts: Their Wallet

Author J.D. Vance joins War Room and explains how to hit the corporate anti-American elites where it hurts: their wallet.

“The elites in this country are fundamentally global, they’re not national,” he said. “In some cases they’re actively at war with American history.”

“What we often miss is their most powerful weapon is the fact that they’re getting rich off of America even when as they try to destroy its institutions and frankly destroy the nation and the people that live in it,” the author of Hillbilly Elegy said.

The answer is to use our Constitutional powers to strip these woke corporations of their special tax privileges.

“If they’re shipping our jobs overseas, if they’re trying to destroy our cultural institutions we should make them feel it,” he said. “We should really go after them where it hurts, which is their wallet.”

Stephen K. Bannon called Vance’s recent speech against woke capital at the Claremont Institute “one of the most populist nationalist speeches” and one of great historical significance.

Vance gave practical steps for how we can punish woke globalist corporations that hate America, and incentivize more jobs at home.

“It just means we need to stop treating these corporations who hate America as if they’re on our side,” he said. “They’re just not anymore.”

“First thing we have to focus on is energy,” Vance said. “The biggest driver of manufacturing is cheap energy. If you have Green New Deal policies…and you make energy more expensive, you put us at a huge disadvantage with China.”

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