Top donor allegedly sold access to key politicians for millions in foreign cash: report

Actors And Actions Against America

These are the individuals or organization that by their actions, words, deeds and money have shown their desire and/or support for those who would weaken or damage the very foundation of a civil society in America. Many have probably believed that they could pander to those who would  destroy our history, way of life, standard of living, rights, freedoms and even threatening our very lives, families and property and we’re all to brainwashed and stupid or perhaps to apathetic, weak or stupid that we wouldn’t care or were incapable of opposing them.

Many of these Machiavellian-like monsters motivated by money and their ability to manipulated the mindless masses and malcontents need to be exposed for their malicious machinations and  monetarily punished for their maleficent behavior. Our mission in this section is to not only provide the names of these miscreants but also as much pertinent information about their malevolent deeds as we can find so you can decide whether you should participate with our actions against them.

“Anti-Americanism is now the mother’s milk of the American educational system. Many schools in the United States teach that capitalism is exploitative and American foreign policy is imperialistic. Patriotism isn’t taught in American schools. This needs to be understood. The sins of America’s past are emphasized while the country’s virtues are eclipsed. The achievements of capitalism are denied by environmentalists, socialists and anarchists whose voices have poisoned the well of higher education to the bargain. The older generation has been asleep at the switch, not looking too closely at what their children have been taught. And now the damage is far advanced, and the country’s bureaucracies are packed and crowded with people who haven’t a clue. Oddly, the United States is undermined by a national psychology that tolerates sedition and treason as if these were legitimate forms of dissent.”
― J.R.Nyquist