Good, Bad And Ugly

“You See In This World There’s Two Kinds Of People, My Friend – Those With Loaded Guns, And Those Who Dig. You Dig.”

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If nothing else, the study of the history of man shows that the world is peopled by the “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”. In America, that correspondes with “The Red, The White  And The Blue”.

Obviously here, the Conservatives are the red; the good guys primarily made up of the great group of patriotic, good, hardworking, loyal, law-abiding people who care not only for their families but their communities and our society as a whole.  Many are the civic-minded individuals who  who make up our community service organizations, serve in our Armed Forces, our police and our first responder services.

The White are the apathetic and undecided; not necessarily good or bad but primarily the headline consumers who for whatever reason don’t consider politics to be important and know nothing about people and policies of those who rule us  many of whom are easily manipulated by a biased press, brain-washed celebrities and corrupt politicians.

And then there’s the blue; the evil doers who appropriately enough are the Liberal/Progressives/Un-patriotic/Anti-America haters, whose objective is to weaken and destroy the foundation of our country and will do anything legal or illegal to get and maintain their power, positions and perks. In other words those individuals and their conspiratorial organizations which put their own well being over that of our country and our childrten’s future.

In addition to the above we have also created additional categories of what we believe are “Really, Really Good” and the “Really, Really Bad”. While when you see their names no further explanations will probably be needed but in some instances we may have uncovered some little known information regarding that we will link to.

The following is our list of those individuals, businesses and organizations whose actions earned them their positions on our page. Clicking on the name will links you to a pages that details the reasons for their selection  and our strong recommdation that they and the products or services they produce or represent should not be purchased or used.

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