Vermont Governor Phil Scott

Good news everybody in vermont the governor phil scott a republican has decided that
anybody can go and get a vaccine who isn’t white i wish i was making this up the
republican governor of vermont phil scott announces that any person of color or who identifies as
such can come on down and get a good old coven vaccination
don’t apply to know what people though this is racism of the highest order isn’t it
favoring one group based on the color of their skin imagine then once again always put the
shoe on the other foot come on down everybody who’s what any what boy any what woman
we got yourself a vaccine right here [Music] you think that would go over well with
blm you think that would go over well with anybody sane no but of course you’re allowed to
discriminate against white people looking up racism on google the second definition uh from the adl
racism is the marginalization and or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy
that privileges white people does phil scott’s measure favor white people
what about the fact that it is implying that you cannot be racist towards white people if you are a person
of color this double standard it doesn’t fit it doesn’t go anywhere
it doesn’t lead us to anywhere good so locism has now invaded the republican party yes
it’s not a deep red state by any measure it’s bernie sanders state for god’s sakes
but he is pandering this governor he is virtue signaling and all it’s doing is growing the notion
of whites collectively coming together as a racial identity group
to fight back how could it not you see this deluge over and over again and it’s impossible
for people not to generate this idea in their minds i’m aware of it i’m not going to join
that i’m going to stand firmly as the wind continues to blow and all those people
that stand against it they try to cancel they try to knock
them over so that they can continue that’s the penalty so it is up to us individually to
continue to speak out against these racist measures you don’t dare stand up to the woke-ism you don’t
dare stand up otherwise you are deemed racist and once again this is a card that’s played over and over again this
is a frayed card this is event card but all the people that are putting this card
down think that they are the first to do it and that it’s going to work every time
this card should be losing its value because you know that it’s coming oh you’re getting into his discussion
with somebody who’s woke and guess what card they’re gonna play every time how quickly
really i’m asking you guys leave a comment for me let me know what you guys think seriously
how quickly do you think that they’re gonna pull out the racism card is it five sentences in
is it five minutes in is it at any point of contention because this is what’s done
over and over again the george revolver id laws are racist because they require an id
but don’t they require an id for everybody isn’t this applied equally and who are the racists
who believe that blacks in this case would be incapable of getting id i’ll tell you
it’s not me it’s the left they’re the racist baby they’re the racists
but you take a look at phil scott it is openly stating that we will give vaccinations to
anybody who isn’t white come on down but that ain’t racism because it’s against white people and if
you look up the definition according to the adl that i just quoted it can’t be racism because it’s
inherently against the white power structure these this is why the changes in
language and the changes in definition and then force feeding this definition in the language to young people
then manipulates their mind into understanding it in a certain frame and it’s really hard
to move people out of that frame once they are in it and this is the big challenge that we
should all have as a nation with what’s going on is because if you bend somebody’s mind enough
it’s really hard to manipulate it back into place because they are tied to this idea
and belief system that they don’t know that has been implanted into them you’ve all
seen examples of people that have said like the fine people hoax that trump stated that there were fine
people on both sides when immediately he went back and said you had people and i’m not talking about
the neo-nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally even when you show them this even when
you show them the transcript they’re still going to double down on something because this cognitive
dissonance takes a while to disappear this has to happen generally
not always over the course of time and so we should all have a big problem with phil scott the governor the racist
governor of vermont phil scott you’re a racist you are racist i’m playing that race card from
the right-hand side of the aisle from the legitimate side because it’s just factual you are
discriminating against one group of people based on the color of their skin that is
the definition of racism that’s what martin luther king jr wanted that’s what any sane classical liberal
wants that’s what anybody right of center wants okay maybe not the kkk
and maybe not the woke but unfortunately the woke are growing and the kkk and the woke
should are basically aligning because they all want segregation
and this is another example that’s taking us down the line and it’s a pretty big one coming from a major point
in government the governor of a state in the u.s republic and that’s why i spend my time
doing this that’s why i fight back against this growing insanity and i ask you all to join me and collectively we
can say shut the f up phil scott you freaking horrible man you virtue signaling
pandering racist and this is not using the race card unnecessarily this is the
definition of racism so y’all join me in the comments let me know what you guys think
and by all means thumb up this video so that youtube might spread it out please join me on this journey and
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TV Smothers Cuomo Nursing Home Deaths

STUDY: TV Smothers Cuomo Nursing Home Deaths With Harassment Charges

March 8th, 2021 9:40 AM

Literally thousands of New Yorkers died in the state’s nursing homes during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, but a new Media Research Center study shows the national media are much less interested in covering that horrifying scandal than the sexual harassment accusations against Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo.

From the first network evening news mention of Cuomo’s nursing home scandal nearly ten months ago (on the May 11, 2020 NBC Nightly News) through Sunday night, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts have devoted a mere 15 minutes, 35 seconds to the story — most of which came after the January 28, 2021 report by the state’s Attorney General, Letitia James, charging that the Cuomo administration vastly under-reported nursing home deaths.

In contrast, in just the past 11 days those same broadcasts have devoted almost three times as much coverage — 44 minutes, 14 seconds — on allegations from several women that Cuomo sexually harassed them in recent years.

While both stories painted the Governor and his team in a highly unfavorable light, there’s no question Cuomo administration’s negligent nursing home policies had a much wider and more terrible impact. Yet that story was, inexplicably, getting far less attention from the national news networks — even as the overall pandemic had dominated newscasts for a full year.

Of course, last December it didn’t seem as though  the harassment story would go anywhere, either. The networks couldn’t have cared less as they completely ignored the initial allegation against Cuomo, tweeted by former staffer Lindsey Boylan on December 13, 2020. Then on February 25, after Boylan expanded on her charges, only ABC’s World News Tonight bothered to even mention them (giving the news a scant 39 seconds), while the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News said nothing.

But the harassment story picked up steam after the New York Times reported that a second staffer, Charlotte Bennett, also accused Cuomo of wrongdoing, quickly followed by a third woman who said Cuomo grabbed her and kissed her at a wedding. This weekend, more former staffers also came forward to allege the Governor engaged in improper conduct.

These allegations have become the national media sensation that the far more lethal nursing home story had not. CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell devoted large portions of her newscast on Thursday and Friday to an interview with Bennett, who suggested the laudatory national media coverage Cuomo enjoyed in the spring of 2020 had “emboldened” him: “I think he felt like he was untouchable in a lot of ways.”

In 2020, MRC found 401 references to Cuomo on the evening newscasts, with only two mentions of the nursing home scandal amounting to a scant 51 seconds. From January 28 through February 25, as damning revelations showed how the Cuomo administration had covered-up the true death toll, these same newscasts only produced another 10 minutes, 56 seconds on the topic.

As the harassment story exploded on February 28, the nursing home story virtually disappeared from the newscasts, with ABC and NBC skipping it for three straight nights. The story garnered only four minutes, 34 seconds of additional coverage during the past week — roughly one tenth of what the networks gave to the harassment accusations — despite important developments: the state legislature stripped Cuomo of his emergency powers, and New York Times report claimed the Cuomo administration intentionally doctored the state’s nursing home death toll in a report.

It’s not as if the media were trying to help the Governor — coverage of Cuomo’s harassment scandal has been absolutely devastating. So why can’t the national press put the same energy into covering the horrifying story of how Cuomo mishandled his state’s coronavirus response, with deadly consequences?

Meghan Markle is an Obama operative

Meghan Markle is an Obama operative spreading Cultural Marxism. She’s not running for president.

The “big” news being buzzed around and often ridiculed is the notion that self-exiled royal Meghan Markle is considering a run for president. This is a lie, or to be more accurate, it’s a cover story.

The Cultural Marxists in Barack Obama’s camp love to use celebrities. They wield them like glittering weapons of mass destruction to the sensibilities and logic of average Americans. This has been key to Obama’s meteoric rise through the political ladder and his sustained influence years after he left the White House. And he’s doing it again with Meghan Markle, Oprah Winfrey, and British royalty.

All of the buzz over the last few days has surrounded so-called “systemic racism” and the victimization of Meghan Markle. Her Oprah Winfrey interview has been dissected, embraced, panned, and spread so far and so fast, one might think Markle is a person of consequence. She isn’t, but the people behind her are. To understand how she and her husband are being used, we turn to Sundance over at The Last Refuge:

By now several people have reviewed a Daily Mail article based around a premise, a media hook, that Meghan Markle might be “preparing a bid to become president” and that’s why she did the Oprah Winfrey interview.   If you focused on that media hook, you likely missed the lede.

Media stories often contain the fingerprints of motive, a slight truth hidden in a background of obfuscation, and you can find the leftist activity if you know what to look for.  The buried lede in the story is this short segment:

[…] “One senior Labour figure – a veteran of Tony Blair’s Downing Street administration with strong links to Washington – claimed to The Mail on Sunday that Ms Markle, 39, was networking among senior Democrats“… (read more)

There it is: “networking among senior Democrats.”  That’s the data point to focus on.

That’s the part of the story that tells us exactly what was going on in that Oprah interview; and it is exactly what we suspected it was HERE and HERE.

Of course she was “networking” with “senior Democrats”, specifically she was networking with Obama’s Chicago crew; and that leads to Oprah, Obama’s biggest narrative engineer.

The Markle interview was purposefully orchestrated, racism claims intentionally injected, recorded, and then timed to be released/broadcast the day before the trial against Derek Chauvin while the George Floyd protestors were activated.  This is how the Obama crew operate.  This is how the leftists work.  None of this is accidental and that statement by the “senior Labour figure” is 100% correct…. except for the cover story to hide the motive.

If all of that sounds like a conspiracy theory, it’s because it is. But as I’ve often noted, there are good conspiracy theories and bad ones. The good ones are theories about actual conspiracies that are being covered up, usually by governments. This is one of them, but it isn’t the U.S. or British governments covering it up. This is the work of the Obama shadow government that never released the fullness of their power when President Trump left office.

This is the part where we paint Obama as a comic book supervillain. In many ways, he is simply because so few are willing to address the plain fact that he spent the final four years of his time in the White House building up this shadow government. He has retained control over many aspects of government, most notably through the Deep State. The goal, of course, is to advance the Cultural Marxism that he so deftly established in this nation.

Meghan Markle is not running for president. As Sundance rightly noted, this was simply an excuse to deflect from any scrutiny about the meetings she has had and will continue to have with Democratic operatives. They are using her and she’s embracing it like the narcissist that she is. Don’t be fooled into looking at the wrong things. This is about George Floyd. It’s about Colin Kaepernick. It’s about the “woke” politics and culture that are engulfing this nation. Most importantly, it’s about destroying America from within so they can advance their Neo-Marxist agenda.

Sundance had noted much of this last week as well:

“People who have watched the way the Obama team use pop culture to advance Marxist political objectives have already seen through the ruse of the Meghan Markle comments with Oprah Winfrey. It was not accidental the interview comments about racism were organized, timed and released to coincide with the George Floyd trial in Minnesota. It’s how the cultural Marxists work.

If any group of people can see through to the orchestration of this, it is you, the CTH community. We have researched the Obama use of racism as a political tool for years; that technique includes using media figures like Oprah. The Chicago fingerprints of the familiar architects are clear as day on this ridiculous story.”

“Considering the Oprah angle; and considering Oprah is one of the primary conduits, advance agents and protectors of all things related to President Obama; it would not be surprising to discover that Obama’s team of Chicago provocateurs are in the close-background of the Markle network. Useful division based on advancement of racist accusations is a classic Maoist approach to achieve modern Marxist outcomes.”

Prince Harry, Michelle Obama, Oprah… they’re all involved.

Do not be distracted by the glitz of the messenger. Meghan Markle is simply a pawn. The message she’s delivering on behalf of Barack Obama and other Cultural Marxists is that “wokeness” is going to advance until there’s nothing left.