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You may have noticed that this is one of the very few websites in the internet universe that doesn’t have advertising that crowds out the content. We do that for a couple of good reasons, first and foremost we believe our information is so timely and of such importance to the future of our families, that we don’t want to have anything distract your attention away from it.

Secondly, outside of Mike the pillow guy he’s the only advertiser we know of that is an unabashed  patriot and quite frankly we do not want to promote or do business with any company or individual that isn’t a 100% red, white and blue American and these day that’s hard to determine.

We are self-funded which is fine that’s our contribution to what we hope will grow to become a lasting movement that hopefully will help return our country to the principals our founders worked long and hard to create what once was the freest, most inventive and productive society in human history.

But in order to reach our goal  which is to return to those glory days, we need thousands of people not only to be aware of our effort but willing to follow along with us and put pressure on those individuals and organizations who by their words and deeds have proven that they have less regard for protecting our constitution, our way of life, our standard of living and our children’s future; than they do their own power, their wellbeing and their political future with the profits and perks that brings.*

To create enough awareness and to focus and motivate people to make a real impact will take a concerted effort entailing, advertising, word-of-mouth, direct mail, PR where possible and purchasing of advertising to reach the intelligent audiences found on conservative media

With the above in mind, we have created a go funding page at …..for those folks who believe in our cause and who are in a financial position to help us accomplish our goal.

More so than anything I believe U.S. politics works on primarily one proposition, one that a sitting U.S. Senator once unabashedly explained to me in the middle of a crowded restaurant “You take care of me and I’ll take care of you”.

Anybody that advocates disrupting the cozy relationship between politicians, big business, big unions, big tech, big financial institutions, big government and throw in a long line of brainwashed sheep who follow along thinking their something other than pawns in this big parade and your looking at formidable opposition to say the least, against anyone trying to derail their gravy train.

With your help we can collectively cut off the fuel that drives their cho-cho and clear the track for the citizens of our country to return to our goal of “|ife, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

*Name me one person in DC with the exception of DJT who donated their salary to various charities and who has probably left office with less money than what they came in with. This is an especially interesting question, given that the cost of living in the Washington DC area is one of the highest in the country and given that, you might expect that it would be quite difficult to leave office with the millions that many seem to accumulate during their time in office. Wonder how that happens?


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