“For Those Who Want To Remain Free”

Are you a frustrated and discouraged patriot?

We know how you feel. We had high hopes that by now that the current occupants of the White House, as well as the radicals in the bureaucracy and the anti-Americans in Congress would have been long gone and we would be starting back on the road to fiscal and civil sanity.

That didn’t happen for a number of reasons, chief among which had to be the ignorance of the majority of the population and the treachery of the media. Even though the press has been given special rights in the first amendment of our constitution in order to help guard and protect our citizens from the manipulations, duplicity and tyranny of the government; most like the politicians they protect who consistently violate their oath of office, have chosen to abrogated their responsibility in favor of ignoring, covering up and mis-reporting the misdeeds of those in the current administration.

Collectively, with  few exception those in the media believe its more profitable for them to advocate big, corrupt and inefficient government, just as do those who work in the bureaucracy, live on welfare and are stupid enough to think that government is the answer to all of their problems. To a large degree there is no down side to believing that or at least espousing it, because the voices of the more rational and reasonable are muffled or ignored, while those in power and with the microphones spend their time,  money and effort on the public airways convincing the easily led that those who challenge them are racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes or even worse; Christians.

And generally they get away with it, mainly because there are few with the clout to disagree with them that could make much of a difference, therefore there’s no down side and they can say and do whatever they want with impunity, which is what they generally do. So, in all likelihood even though all the talking heads go around saying nobody likes negative comments, the slanderous lies that the  politicians, the pundits, celebrities and government spokes people spew out will undoubtedly continue because without anyother competition; it works. A strong case can be made that the American people would sooner believe lies than they would the truth, which certainly would explain the popularity of Obama, both Clintons and most Democrats.

We believe it’s long past the time that many in the public arena should be allowed to get away with maliciously attacking and degrading good honest Americans, who resist the growing intrusion of government in their lives and in their pockets. These liars including the pompous elite who by virtue of their fame and fortune believe that they know more and are much more intelligent than the rest of us, should be labeled for what they are; hypocrites and frauds who want to destroy anyone they believe is a threat to their positions and their egos. Those that advocate things that are detrimental to our way of life and in effect promote and glorify anti-social and anti-American behavior, should be publicly chastised and held up in contempt instead of lauded and being made roll models.

We cannot just continue to sit back and think their is nothing we can do about this and our future generations be damn, because that in effect just further emboldens those who want to silence us. Consider this, of the over 3,000+ counties in America, Obama won the presidential vote in less than 20% of them. Sure he and his acolytes won the major inner cities and in those areas where government employees, welfare recipients, media, educators, students and most major unions members live as well as in places where dependents overwhelm the productive and the self-reliant. But in the heartland of America, where most of our fellow Americans who cherish the constitution and our traditional values can be found, they lost overwhelmingly, which again makes up more than 80% of the country.

So why did we lose? Certainly voter fraud was a part of it, including the probable dis-enfranchising of our military, the media bias and their 24/7 airing of any lie or insinuation the Democrats put out. But probably more important was the opposition was much better organized and better motivated because if they lost they would be in danger of getting kicked off the gravy train the Democrats have provided them with. Meanwhile apparently the Republicans were less enthused with their candidates and in all probability more apathetic.

If we are to have any chance at all to stop the decline of our society and like Rome it’s eventual implosion, patriotic Americans must understand that if we continue to do nothing, we will lose all that our ancestors have worked hard, fought and died for and will bequeath our children and their children little freedom and few opportunities for a good life of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. must organized and actively challenge those who are doing their utmost to marginalize our future.

If we are to have a chance of success, we must organize and actively challenge those who are doing their utmost to marginalize our future for what they think will be their benefit, And we’ve got to do it in the most impactful and efficient way possible. Consider this, the “tea party” movement, probably the first time the so called “silent majority” of traditional Americans organized nationally and publicly expressed their concern with the direction our politicians were taking us. In light of the demonetization perpetrated on their members by the administration, the media and the lies and cries of racism from the Black Caucus, this loosely formed group with enthusiastic activity was responsible for saving us from almost a defenseless position of having one party tyrannical rule in Washington. In addition they brought to the party and helped elect a number of honest, bright, young, dedicated new leaders who unlike those they replaced, are more likely to fight for the adherence to our constitutional principals and the protection of our rights as free people.

But as good as they were and as much as the tea party people accomplished, I think they have been so marginalized by opposing forces, which included a number of people from their own party that they have lost much of their energy.  Not only that, in the increasing digital world I don’t believe a small group of people with home made signs will again attract much attention and even if they did, it would serve as just another opportunity for the media to denigrate and make fun of them.

So with all the above in mind, what’s a frustrated patriot to do?  First off, I don’t think by definition a patriot would give up and sit back silently and do nothing, while ones country and family are threatened. And we’re not going to either. And we’re not going to take to the streets with silly signs either but we’re going to use the most powerful media on earth, the internet to create a wave of patriotism and desire to return to traditional values and we’re not going to sit back and take it from the liberal liars; we’re going to verbally attack with facts, those who are trying to destroy our country in the two places it will get their attention and hurt them the most, their ego and their pocketbooks.

Our goal is very simple, cutting off the money supply of those organizations, companies, celebrities and politicians who cross the line of common decency in their attempt to demean good patriotic Americans can be a very persuasive way to cause many to rethink their positions. And we will do this unlike the despicable people on the left who deal in lies and innuendos but we will be honest, we will present the truth backed up with credible facts and present it in a professional yet creative manner. And just as importantly we will use our combined influence and strength to help support and encourage those who want a strong America of free and righteous people and let them know that we applaud their efforts and we stand in their corner.

These will not be easy goals to achieve, we must overcome at least two generations brainwashed by radical idealists who have done their utmost to teach and influence our youth with a distorted view of our history and our principals. Couple that with the idolization of rap stars, sports figures, entertainers as well as some of the stupidest among us most of whom which propagate anti-social and anti-American messages while at the same time the religious, the principled and successful are scorned. With that kind of propaganda it’s not hard to see how challenging this effort is going to be.

Hopefully you will find in the pages to follow additional reasons to join us in this Action 4 America to help Boycott The Bastards that are trying to deny you, your family and your future prodigy what again should be their birthright.

“The battle for liberty is never won, and is never lost. The battle for liberty always continues. It is never too late, and it is never soon enough, to defend freedom. No matter how free we are we are never safe. Nothing ever limits the government, except the people. Any generation that fails to defend freedom will lose it. The next generation will have to shed blood to gain it back. When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point failure to defend liberty makes slavery a certainty.”