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Who Pulls The Strings Of The Biden Puppet

Biden is an obvious empty puppet, in my opinion. I would wager that many on the left – maybe even the majority – know that Biden is a puppet. It’s so painfully obvious.

The man is in declining health and exhibits clear major signs of dementia. I mean no disrespect to the man’s health state. However the fact that he holds his position of office is downright alarming. And it should be!

He has seemingly great difficulty with clear thought. Speaking from a teleprompter is even difficult. Slurred words and confused sentence structure are Exhibit A. Speaking without a teleprompter beyond just a short time will be a rare thing – because he would have a very tough time convincing the rest of us that he can think, speak, and comprehend clearly without confusion.

How many times have we seen and heard his gaffs? Lots. His handlers kept him out of the spotlight during the run-up to the election. That was for good reason. They kept him in the basement so as not to alarm the gullible left.

But now he’s got the office. How are his handlers going to hide it now?

You’ve got to ask yourself a few questions…

Surely, the military / pentagon knows his condition. Though he is technically “the commander in chief”, I cannot imagine the military authority just blindly following orders of dementia joe… Right?

Biden Was Installed As A Puppet

Biden was installed. Most of us know it. He is a puppet and will do as he’s told. Signing executive orders to fulfill the agendas of his masters. He will sign all such legislation when it crosses his desk too.

Far-left controlled House, Senate, Executive (and much of Judicial) will enable a snowball effect of “transformation”.

The Big Question is… Who is pulling this puppet’s strings?

In my opinion, the executive producers of the Big Show are the globalist elites who essentially run the world. And we have been in the way of finalizing their New World Order.

The string pullers are their minions who are implementing the agendas to get the job done.

There are many players and lots of interests to satisfy. But know this… most of it is very far radical left. We are already seeing it after just a few days. We are in for a hell of a ride as this train picks up steam.

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