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The Morning Briefing: Everything Democrats Say About Georgia Election Law Is a Lie

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Democrats Lie. It’s What They Do.

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I think it’s about time I give up my dream of being an Olympian.

It’s always fun going over the weekend’s news on Sunday night as I try and catch up from my two day news hiatus. I will admit that I didn’t have “Kristi Noem in a Twitter Battle With a Rapper Over Sneakers and Satan” on my absurdity bingo card.

The universe never disappoints these days.

Speaking of absurdity, the Democrats reign of error when it comes to what actually constitutes election integrity continues to rage on incoherently. This isn’t really new territory for the Democrats — they’ve been lying about Republicans and voting for years. However, as with all things during the President Puppet era, their lies are getting bigger and louder now.

I wrote at the beginning of the month about the Democrats attempting to make voting irregularities permanent via the execrable “For the People Act.” It’s their big play at bringing about one-party rule via elections that lack transparency and have greater potential for fraud.

It’s the Soviet dream they’ve been clinging to since the Cold War and it’s beyond disturbing.

The state of Georgia is pushing back while it can, before the Dems federalize the election process. Its new, much needed, election integrity law is throwing a wrench in to the Democrats’ plans for the shredding of the U.S. Constitution and they are none too happy about it. The party has its media misinformation machine running 24/7 now, spewing garbage like this:

Grandpa Gropes is getting in on the parade of untruths, which Tyler wrote about the other day:

President Joe Biden railed against Georgia’s new voter integrity law on Friday, slamming the law as “un-American,” “a blatant attack on the Constitution and good conscience,” and “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.” Biden repeated false claims about Georgia’s elections system and mischaracterized key parts of the bill.

The “Jim Crow” line has been part of a coordinated misinformation campaign about the Georgia law for weeks now, being repeated by many of the lefties who are getting media time to complain. Any time you hear or read the same phrase from Dems over and over it’s a guarantee that the line is being used to peddle a steaming pile of horse you-know-what.

Any attempt to enforce rules that would prevent elections from becoming hotbeds for fraud is referred to by Democrats as an attempt to keep people from voting. They concoct stories that simply aren’t reality based to perpetuate the falsehood. Take voter ID, for example. In the Democrats’ telling of the tale, getting an official state ID is nigh on impossible for the elderly and minorities. We’re supposed to believe that something every teenage kid in America does is a Sisyphean task for entire chunks of the population.

The media’s complicity in the repetition of the Democrats’ lies is borderline criminal. Of all the derelictions of journalistic responsibility we’ve seen from the advocacy media in recent years, the repetition of the lie that Republicans don’t want Black people to vote is perhaps the most insidious.

The real sad thing here is how far the Democrats have drifted away from solid, sensible, American ideals. People should want elections with tight, transparent processes. The Democrats don’t anymore because they’re always trying to game the system. They’d prefer to disenfranchise half of the electorate.

That’s real voter suppression.

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