Rest of the Story

It’s very difficult these days for Americans to get accurate information or in many cases any information at all that isn’t either spun by the what their calling the “Legacy Media” or is ignored because it doesn’t go along with what the big controlling interests in our society that collectively and conspiratorially in effect decide what American citizens are allowed to know.

It seems that there is a total lack of interest in history today, which fits right in with those who are working to totally control our thinking and our lives.  In our schools, history is no longer a required course of study if it’s offered at all and in fact it seems like anything that would form a basis of reason, logic. calculation and thinking are secondary or replaced by that which takes repetition or indoctrination.

It is interesting to note also, that much of the media today is more interested in breaking headlines and spinning them to support their narratives than providing any thought provoking facts such those provided by  legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey in presenting the rest of the story.

In that same spirit we will use this area of our site to present the real story of events that occurred relatively recently that a number of facts may have been uncovered “after the fact” that the media ignores, covers up or doesn’t appear to be interested in. Either way we think you’ll find many of these interesting.

Christy Blasey-Ford

The Other Scandal Of The DC Riot

The Ferguson Lie

Ashli Babbit

Capital Investigation